Getting to know Portugal by Bicycle

Tourism in Portugal

Portugal Bike Rental & Tours

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Portugal Bike Tours, by mountains and valleys or by the coast with its beaches bathed by the Atlantic Ocean the choice is yours to better know Portugal

with Turisbike Tourism in Portugal by Bicycle

Getting to know

bicicletas aluguer no caminho de santiago
The Portuguese Way of Saint James

A journey to get to know all the places you pass through and interact with other travellers of various nationalities

passeios de bicicleta em Portugal guiados
Bike Tours

Portugal has a multitude of trails and cycle paths to explore the beautiful and tranquil areas that this country offers

Travelling by exploring

Choose a destination, make a route, rent a bike and hire a support service, delivery and collection of equipment at the destination chosen by you in Portugal Bike Tours

Customise your trip

Make your dream trip come true

With family or friends, the spirit of adventure travel, so by bike and make your dreams come true. In order to contribute to the environment in non-polluting journeys, you are certainly getting some exercise. Define the pace you want for your journey, how many kilometres you want to cover per day and plan your stays.

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