Artesanali’s with Bicycle rental in Póvoa de Varzim

Artesanali’s Bicycle rental in Póvoa. Now at Artesanali’s you can find and rent Turisbike’s bikes

Artesanali’s with bike rental in partnership with Turisbike. Also at Artesanali’s you can find some of the Turisbike bikes, unless they are in use.

Together with the Artesanali’s articles and by being customer you can mainly rent the bicycles under special conditions.

First make your reservation online on Turisbike’s website, so that you have the equipment available.

Or go to Artesanali’s store to know the rental and reservation conditions.

See the section on this page “Where to rent bikes” and confirm with the location if you have the necessary and available equipment for the moment.

Bicycle rental in Póvoa. We want to have easy, simple and ecological mobility closer to you.

Artisanalis with bicycle rental

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Read General conditions for bicycle rental

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