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Bicycle rental service in Portugal

The services that TURISBIKE can provide

With Bicycle rental service prepare your holidays in Portugal in a simple way, choosing your accommodation and city, regarding transport you can count on all our services.


Bicycle rental service Turisbike offers a set of services that provides its customers the pleasure of participating in the different programs, so without any concern. So the customer just has to attend on the scheduled date and follow the directions of the guide. In addition, the following list explains in more detail the main services we offer

Date Flexibility

One of Turisbike’s differentiating factors is the possibility of the participants also being able to propose the date of the event, first according to their preferences. For the proposed date is analyzed our agenda, the availability of accommodation and means of transport, in the programs that require it. First of all, in order to guarantee the feasibility of the program, it is important that the participants contact Turisbike at least two months before the desired date. Sometimes some of the available programs are subject to date restrictions due to weather conditions that make it unfeasible.

Route and definition of stages

So also in the programs presented the whole route is defined and planned by Turisbike. We can also create specific programs tailored to the needs of our customers. For this type of event, interested parties should contact us to evaluate and analyze.


Programs that require accommodation, Turisbike, in partnership with a travel agency, handles all logistics, providing its customers with the appropriate locations according to their level of demand. In the programmes presented, we considered establishments with a level of quality equivalent to 2-3 stars. However, in situations where the program allows and if the customers wish, we can include top level hotel units. In such cases, we will charge an additional fee. The change of accommodation will always be for the whole group, i.e. the group is not divided into different types of accommodation. Booking


In the proposed programmes, and where applicable, it is considered a half-board scheme, i.e. breakfast and dinner. Lunch will only be considered for short term tours, 1 to 2 days and depends on the type of tour. For meals (lunch and dinner) drinks are not included.


Turisbike’s programs provide a guide that accompanies the group and supports it, whenever necessary, during the entire journey. It is possible, however, for more experienced groups with knowledge of navigation to give up this support. In these cases, the group assumes responsibility for the pre-defined route provided by Turisbike®. It is our recommendation to have a guide, especially for long trips and unknown places.

Support Car

The trolley accompanies the group during the journey, transporting the luggage and serving as a resource in situations of fatigue or some unexpected emergency. According to the routes, this can cross with the group, only in some pre-defined points where it is possible to access it. By giving up this support, the group will have to transport their luggage in suitable supports for placing on bicycles. Turisbike® does not offer this type of support.

Customer Transport

It provides a shuttle service between the airport and the hotel, as well as connections between routes. As in some programs, the value of this service is included.

Bicycle Rental

All our programs offer the possibility of renting a bicycle and a helmet. In some programs the rental price is included. Here

Bicycle Packaging

If you need to transport your bike by plane, Turisbike can help you pack and pack your bike for transport.

Event Report

In the course of its programs, it captures some photos and small videos, recording the main moments. Based on these records and along with the records made by the participants, Turisbike makes a compilation and editing summary of the adventure. This report is available to the participants in digital format.

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