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The Way of Santiago by Bicycle

Bicycle rental for the Camino de Santiago


Choose the path and associate one of the services packages that suit your needs. How many kilometers do you want to do per day, to choose and schedule your stays with Bicycle Rental to Santiago de Compostela.

Reservations for overnight stays are not included in the packages indicated below.

Pack 1: Bike and Transfer

  • Mountain Bike or Trekking
  • Minimum 2 people maximum 6 people
  • Transfer to pick up in Santiago, bicycle and cyclist for the Turisbike – Póvoa de Varzim

Pack 2: Bike, Transfer and Guide

  • Guide with mechanic knowledge and route to follow on the ground

Pack 3: Bike, Transfers, Guide and Luggage

  • If you need to carry larger luggage, you have the luggage tracking service

Bike departure from Póvoa de Varzim from Turisbike shop, with Bike rented to Santiago de Compostela. If you want to leave the Cathedral of Porto, original departure of the way of Santiago, adds the value of transfer. If you choose another location will be presented prior budget.

Points of interest of the Camino de Santiago event:

A – Oporto City: First of all the ride down downtown. With a visit to the famous Port wine cellars and also a boat trip on the Douro River;

B – All the mystique of the atmosphere of the route, based on the “Bom Camino – Caminero”. The Adventure and the Art next in the way traveled since century IX;

C – The vast number of churches and religious symbols found on the course;

D – Medieval architecture as a result all along the way;

E – The fortified city of the most remarkable frontier of Portugal with Spain;

F – The beautiful beaches of the whole seafront of the north of Portugal;

G – The rich gastronomy and the famous and best green wine consequently of the region of the Portuguese Minho;

H – Finally the Romanesque Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela;

There are two variables: THE PORTUGUESE WAY OF THE COAST and THE PORTUGUESE WAY CENTRAL to Santiago de Compostela.

The Way of Santiago de Compostela is a walk in virtue different if not unique even of all the other bike rides. Firstly, given that it is the Medieval Way to Santiago de Compostela. Therefore where we are going to pedal fantastic places with magnificent views and therefore of great cultural and historical significance.

Still the level of difficulty of this tour, since it requires participants in physical fitness in principle for the number of days chosen. First between the Low level for a choice of 8 or 10 days. Secondly then the Medium for 6 days and thirdly for the High end for 3 days of course in contrast with the latter the latter more suitable for regular mountain bikers.

On this tour, under the same point of view the most notable in making the way to Santiago de Compostela. The city located in the province of Galicia, northern Spain. It is undoubtedly a mystical Way, as well as full of positive energy, beliefs and faith. This path is traveled by thousands of pilgrims afterwards throughout the year and has been exponential growth of users. As a result the rare beauty and the friendly and welcoming way that the people found on the Way offer the pilgrims. Finally, this is a pilgrimage route in use since the 9th century.

We can not say that there is only “one” Way (“camino”) for Santiago de Compostela. In this way there are several, where the Central and the Coast stand out. Above all, the idea is to reach the Cathedral in Santiago de Compostela.

In summary this path was originally traversed by devout pilgrims, of the people, clergy and nobility; since then it has been traveled not only on foot, but also by bicycle. Under the same point of view by people coming from all over the world and for various reasons.

The Way is composed, however, by rural roads, roads, streets and paths. In other words always in a straight line to be as short as possible, to get to Santiago de Compostela. Not only will you ride on a huge variety of types of paths and pavements. Undoubtedly always accompanied by a huge diversity of landscapes and scenery.

This route just to exemplify will make numerous rails and path. Certainly relevant ancient Roman roads, dense forests, also crosses small stone bridges, as you cross paths and roads through houses, surprisingly crosses streams and hills …

Namely many sections of the original path were meanwhile paved for the purpose of having a preservation and improvements. Above all, it continues to maintain unique characteristics of the “Camino de Santiago de Compostela”, in short making this event a unique and remarkable event of walking and reflection! …

In conclusion get ready and make the Bicycle rental to Santiago de Compostela and you certainly have your own experience.

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Whatever you request through the form on this page above, this is a budget for your trip drawing to your measure, interest and availability, from the most basic to the most elaborate with the Rent of bicycles for Santiago.