Bicycle Tours in Portugal

Bicycle tour in Portugal for families and friends

Have you ever thought of taking a family bike tour in Portugal?

Cycle tourism is a form of tourism that is becoming increasingly popular. Analogously, it consists of travelling by bicycle. It is a very healthy, economical and equally environmentally friendly way to travel. A family bike ride with the children will certainly yield many adventures and stories to tell.

Children will appreciate this alternative way of walking or getting to know the cities they visit.

Each one with their own bicycle or with the parents in the car seat, you can also use a child trailer. Choose a list of cycle routes for a bike tour in Portugal, and start pedalling now!

Besides being able to integrate in the culture and nature of our country in a unique way, at the same time you will be taking care of your health.

Cycling strengthens the body and the soul, with proven benefits for the cardiovascular system, as well as the joints, and combats excess weight, back pain and sedentary lifestyles.

Are they already equipped with comfortable clothes and shoes?

If you don’t have the bikes find a solution and rent them. Similarly, if you are unable to transport your equipment and your family, you can schedule your trip with Taxi-Bikes

Do some preparation beforehand if you don’t have any exercise practice.

Focus especially on the leg muscles, the buttocks, the lower back and the neck. Doing this exercise for a few minutes in order to avoid injury.

It is advisable to take a backpack with some supplies for the bike trip: water to keep your body hydrated and fruit or snacks to replenish your energy.

Don’t forget to wear a helmet

Although it is not compulsory by law, but for the sake of care, especially for the younger ones, it is advisable to wear a helmet.

Choose the bicycles and models and schedule your trip using Taxi-Bikes to do one of the following bike paths

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    How to go on a family bike ride in Portugal

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