Bicycles in Póvoa as adventure for Santiago

Turisbike rents bicycles, carries luggage and taxi bikes. Pilgrims from Santiago de Compostela are the big bet

Foreigners are the main clients – even from Patagonia a request has already come – but there are already some Portuguese people interested in the project.

“The first time I made the path was 20 years ago. My connection to Santiago was recorded. The passion for bicycles comes from afar. I opened “Recicleta” five years ago

The store located opposite EN 13, in Póvoa de Varzim, created the concept of “all inclusive” to attract customers

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Portuguese way along the coast of Santiago de Compostela

Central Portuguese Way of Santiago de Compostela

Portuguese way inland Santiago de Compostela

We help make YOUR way to Santiago.

Report in the Jornal de Noticias URBANO supplement about Turisbike and the Caminhos de Santiago see the full article on this page by Ana Trocado Marques