Bike Endurance Weekend 20-21/07/2019

The BIKE ENDURANCE WEEKEND is an event run by WGT ADVENTURE and consists of the performance of tests of resistance of 24h, 12h, 6h and 3h of BTT, simultaneously, with 3 different routes and classification by points.

Testing schedule:

– 24H Resistance Start at 12H of July 20, 2019

– 12H Resistance Start at 00H of 21 July 2019

– 6H Resistance Start at 06H of 21 July 2019

– 3H Resistance Start at 09H of 21 July 2019

All tests will end at 12 noon on July 21, 2019 and there is tolerance to finish the last lap until 13H on July 21, 2019 for those who start the last lap before 12H on July 21, 2019.




– Female

Teams 2 Elements:

– Male

– Female

– Mixed

Teams 4 Elements:

– Male

– Female

– Mixed

Offers for all participants with the Registration:

– Souvenir Finisher

– Universal Smartphone Support for Bike

– BTT Universal Mudguard

– Food StreetFood

– Prizes for the First Classifieds

– Access Spas and Bike Wash

– Insurance + Medical Assistance

– Custom Front and Other Gifts

Additions to WGT ADVENTURE