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Explore the Advantages of Temporary Bike Hire

Temporary bike hire is primarily a convenient and flexible option for those looking for an affordable alternative to traditional transport or to enjoy a different way of getting around. Here we explore the many advantages of this service, especially the cost savings, accessibility and simplicity of use.

1. Cost savings

  • Temporary bike hire is primarily cheaper than buying a new or even used bike. The costs associated with maintaining, insuring and storing your own bike can add up over time.
  • By opting for hire, you can save significantly by paying only for the time you use the bike, avoiding additional expenses.

2. Accessibility

Delivery and collection of bicycles directly at the user’s meeting point

  • Accessibility is one of the main advantages of bike hire. This service is similarly available in many urban areas, allowing users to easily access bicycles at strategically placed collection points.
  • In addition, many bike hire services offer the added convenience of delivering and collecting bikes directly to the user’s meeting place. This means you can order a bike and have it delivered exactly where you need it, making the hire experience even more convenient.
  • The possibility of delivering and collecting bicycles is also particularly advantageous for tourists and visitors who want to explore a city or region without having to worry about travelling to a collection point. This service adds an extra layer of convenience to bike hire, making it an even more affordable option that can be adapted to individual needs.

3. Simple Online Hire Request and Versatile Pick-up Locations with Turisbike

With Turisbike, you can easily order your hire online

  • One of the great advantages of bike hire is the simplicity of the process. With Turisbike, you can now easily order your hire online. This allows you to choose the type of bike, length of hire as well as other important details from the comfort of your home or where you are.
  • What’s more, Turisbike offers the versatility of pick-up locations. With drop-off and pick-up services at different locations, you can choose to collect your bike at one convenient place and return it at another, adapting the hire to your needs. This is particularly useful for travellers who want to explore an area without worrying about transporting their bike.
  • The simplicity of ordering online and the versatility of pick-up locations with Turisbike make bike hire an affordable and practical option for those who want to enjoy a hassle-free cycle journey.

4. Flexibility

You can explore a city by bike during a specific period of your stay

  • Bike hire offers incredible flexibility. You can hire a bike for as long as you need it, whether for just a few hours, a whole day or even weeks, depending on your needs.
  • This flexibility is ideal for holidaymakers, who can explore a city by bike during a specific period of their stay.

5. Ecologically sustainable

  • Using a bicycle is an environmentally friendly way of travelling. It reduces the carbon footprint, reducing dependence on fossil fuels and contributing to a cleaner environment.
  • Opting for bike hire promotes a more sustainable lifestyle, helping to preserve the environment.

6. Trying Different Types of Bicycles

  • Bike hire allows you to try out different types of bikes, such as mountain bikes, city bikes or electric bikes. This way, you can choose the model that best suits your needs and preferences.

7. No long-term commitments

Allows you to try out different options before making a decision

  • By choosing to rent, you avoid long-term commitments. You are not tied to a single bike and can adjust your choice according to changes in your mobility needs.
  • This is a perfect option for those who don’t want to make a commitment to ownership or for those who are considering buying a bike, allowing them to try out different options before making a decision.

In short, temporary bike hire offers a practical, affordable and sustainable solution for a variety of travel needs. Whether for tourism, urban travel or simply to experience a more ecological way of travelling, this option could be the ideal solution for you. Do a rental simulation and find out how convenient and advantageous it can be to get around by bike.

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Porto and North Portugal Tourism
Click to view the Tourism page

Visiting Portugal in Porto and the north, you will get to know truly interesting cities and places as well as their roots.

In Póvoa de Varzim and Vila do Conde there is a network of cycle paths where you can cycle with your family. As well as with friends in complete safety. The roads are wide and with good visibility that allows you to be seen in advance by other vehicles on the public road.

By the sea there is a cycle path that connects the two cities. So you can cycle and enjoy the scenery of the beautiful beaches. Consequently as well as at the end of the day watching the sunset over the horizon on the beautiful blue sea.

When looking for a bike for hire, look to certified companies for your safety.


RNAAT nº 39/2017

Bicycle hire for short and long term.
Póvoa de Varzim is a flat city which allows intensive use for any bicycle commuting. Thus avoiding traffic queues and the difficulty of parking near the place where we want to go or near the beach. So in an ecological and healthy way you can rent a bicycle during the days you are staying in your hotel or accommodation. Check our bike models and availability.

Organisation of events and sightseeing tours with or without a guide. Transport of tourists and bicycles for routes or circuits including collections at the end of the journey.
Hire a bicycle to do the Caminos de Santiago. It can also include the collection and transport of bicycles and cyclists from Santiago de Compostela to Póvoa de Varzim.

Póvoa de Varzim and Vila do Conde two cities with history

In Póvoa de Varzim there is the Casino where you can see some scheduled shows.

In Vila do Conde you can visit the Nau Quinhentista as well as the Centro de Memória. Undeniably where it shows the origins of this old town, which retains in its name as a fishing village. I’m sure you’ll find fresh fish delicacies straight to your table.

In summer you can enjoy the beaches. So the best way to get around is to hire a bicycle. However that way you have no difficulty in parking. Unexpectedly in these bathing periods the population increases, namely the car traffic. As well as parking places are scarcer. The bicycle is a good solution for getting around.

Certainly if you don’t know it and are motivated to get to know it, make a contact for any clarification.

In Póvoa de Varzim there is the iterative space of Turismo de Portugal. There you can find the various places you can visit or the leisure activities you can do.

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