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Bike Rental

Aluguer de bicicletas em Porto e Portugal

City bike, mountain bike, road bike and tandem Bike Rental

Looking Bike Rental for a form of temporary mobility? Simple, ecological and economical? Rent a bike for a certain period of time.

Buying low-cost bikes may not be an economical solution. For what you may spend in the workshop to keep it safe and in perfect condition may become more expensive.

Temporary rental may be a more suitable solution than what you are looking for. Make a simulation of how much you can rent a bike.

Rent city or road bikes and two-seater bikes
Bicycles wheel 20 for children and wheel 24 or low cost bicycles wheel 26
Mountain bike Eleven Vortex 3 for rent on the Way to Santiago
Mountain bike rental

If you prefer, fill out the form to make an appointment for a bike rental

The submission of this form for bicycle rental is not binding. It is only informative and serves to make a simulation request, under the conditions requested in the form.

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Read General conditions for bicycle rental

The email you will receive does not serve as confirmation for a reservation and bike rental.

So after filling out the form and sending it, you should wait for the answer to the email address you indicated.

Therefore, you should wait for the same way to confirm the availability of the bicycles.

KnoGet to know first of all our type of bicycles to rent, to make the most appropriate choice for the type of bike tour you want to do, see the models in our bikes

If you are staying in a hotel or lodging you can ask for the rented bicycles to be delivered to this address.

Portugal is in fashion and a way to visit the best way can be by cycling between the cities of Vila do Conde and Póvoa de Varzim.

If you want to rent bicycles in the city of Porto, we have the Taxi Bikes that deliver the bicycles at the scheduled location.

Looking for a getaway spot?

Two seaside cities, where you can choose your accommodation for a weekend completely filled with activity and leisure.

On the map below, you can choose the hotels and accommodations best suited to your needs, whether in terms of amenities or price.

When booking on in Póvoa or Vila do Conde you benefit from a discount on bike rentals.

Check the date if there are campaigns or promotions with more inviting prices and packages.

Making your reservations through Booking can simplify the way you choose the best accommodation for you and your family, whether on holiday or at work.

Make your reservations through Booking

Booking makes it much easier to schedule your mini vacations in Póvoa de Varzim and Vila do Conde, doing a search of all the available places and with an evaluation that can help you in your decision.

If you need transport or a transfer between the airport or train station to your accommodation, we can do this service, so that you can get to your accommodation in a more convenient way.

Even if you make your stay in Póvoa and Vila do Conde you can schedule visits to other cities in Portugal, using our passenger transport service. We have professional vehicles and drivers that accompany you and take you to touristic and historical places according to your interest.

Tourism in Porto and Northern Portugal with Turisbike
Tourism in Porto and Northern Portugal with Turisbike

Visit Portugal

Visiting Portugal in Porto and the north, you will get to know truly interesting cities and places as well as their roots.

In Póvoa de Varzim and Vila do Conde there is a network of bicycle lanes where you can go cycling with your family. As well as with friends in total safety. The roads are wide and with good visibility that allows to be seen in advance by other vehicles on the public highway.

By the sea there is a bicycle path that connects the two cities. So you can pedal and enjoy the scenery of the beautiful beaches. Consequently as well as at the end of the day see the sunset on the horizon in the beautiful blue sea.

When looking for a bike to rent, look at companies certified for your safety.


RNAAT nº 39/2017

Short and long term rental of bicycles.
For instance Póvoa de Varzim is a flat city which allows the intensive use for any bicycle trip. In addition thus avoiding the traffic queues and the difficulty of parking near the place where we want to go. Above all for example next to the beach. So, in an ecological and healthy way, you can rent a bicycle during the days you stay. In your hotel or any other kind of accommodation. In other words check our bike models and availabilities.
We organize events and tours with or without a guide. Transportation of tourists and bicycles to routes or circuits. Similarly including collecting them at the end of the journey.
In conclusion Rent a bicycle to do the “Caminho de Santiago”. Including the collection and transport of bicycles and cyclists. From Santiago de Compostela to Póvoa de Varzim.