Booking hotels and accommodation with bicycle

With Turisbike, in Portugal, after booking your hotel or accommodation and it doesn’t have bicycles, don’t worry!

Book hotels and accommodation with Turisbike bicycles easily and online

With Turisbike how to book hotels and accommodation with bicycles in Portugal, after booking your hotel or accommodation and it does not have bicycles, don’t worry! We offer a bicycle rental service that will make your stay even more pleasant.

If you are going to stay in one of the cities in Portugal and book hotels and accommodation that don’t have a bicycle, choose your model at Turisbike in our online store.

All you have to do is rent a bicycle online at Turisbike, and on the date of your check-in, your order will be ready at your accommodation, available for use. We take care of everything so that you can make the most of your stay, cycling in comfort and fun.

In our online rental shop, you will find a variety of bike models, from traditional muscle bikes to modern electric bikes. Thus, you can choose the most convenient option for you and your family. We have bikes suitable for all ages and preferences.

Don’t miss the opportunity to explore Portugal by bicycle, with the aim of discovering the charms of nature, the local culture and the freedom to stroll through the streets of cities and towns. We guarantee that you will have a unique and unforgettable experience, with the convenience of having the bikes delivered directly to your accommodation.

Count on Turisbike to make your stay in Portugal even more special, adding adventure and leisure to your itinerary. We’re here to make bike hire easy and affordable, so you can fully enjoy everything this beautiful country has to offer.

Get to know our suggestions or partners where you can find and reserve bicycles in return for special conditions. When you book your stay, to guarantee the equipment available for the day of your arrival, please also book your bikes online.

Choose the location and see how you can receive the bicycles at your accommodation or hotel.

Likewise if you are going on a bike tour in Portugal or the Portuguese Camino de Santiago

Look for one of our solutions, with delivery and collection of bicycles at different locations. Accompanying luggage from hotel to hotel. Without having to do your tour with all your luggage.

Book hotels and accommodation with Turisbike rental bike

If you want to have your hotel or accommodation linked to your customers’ special conditions. Here is how you can insert your accommodation in our network. It’s easy to register.

Today we know that corporate clients or guests are looking for hotels and accommodation that are more environmentally friendly. And it has a more ecological concern for a better environment. Cycling as a means of transport and local mobility in a healthy way is highly sought after by guests.

Many guests nowadays look for Bike Friendly Hotel accommodation.

They are looking for simple mobility in the city and ecology. As well as a way of being healthier.

For any clarification please use our contacts

Discover Portugal by Bike with Turisbike: Adventure and Discovery at Fingertips

Portugal is an enchanting country, full of stunning landscapes and rich culture waiting to be explored. And what better way to enjoy all of this with complete certainty than on two wheels? With Turisbike, your trip to Portugal can also become an unforgettable experience of adventure and discovery. We will explore in this blog how Turisbike can make your holidays in Portugal exciting and memorable.

Discover Portugal by Bike:

The stunning beaches of the Algarve, the hills of Lisbon, the vineyards of the Douro Valley and the verdant archipelago of the Azores – Portugal from the same point of view has everything to offer lovers of nature and culture. And what better way to soak up all that beauty than on a bike trip? The freedom that cycling provides allows you to explore back roads, discover picturesque villages and truly connect with the landscape. In addition, it is a sustainable and environmentally friendly way to travel, allowing for an authentic and respectful experience with the destination.

Convenient Bike Rental Service:

With Turisbike, renting bicycles in Portugal has never been so easy and convenient. If you have already booked your hotel or accommodation, just order the bicycles at Turisbike, and they will be available at your accommodation on the day of check-in. All logistics are handled so you can start riding as soon as you arrive, worry-free and hassle-free.

Variety of Bicycle Models:

Turisbike offers a wide variety of bicycle models to suit different needs and preferences. If you are an experienced cyclist looking for adventure, in that sense you can choose a muscular, robust bike ready for trails and rough terrain. If you prefer a little more assistance, electric bikes are a great choice, providing a smooth and enjoyable experience, especially on hills or long rides.

Family Tours:

Turisbike offers bicycles suitable for all ages, making it possible to plan family outings and enjoy special moments together. Kids will love the thrill of riding a bike as they explore new places and you’ll create treasured memories that will last a lifetime.

Connection with Local Culture:

Cycling through towns and cities in Portugal provides an intimate experience with the local culture. Take breaks in charming cafes, try delicious Portuguese cuisine and interact with the locals, who always welcome cyclists with friendliness and hospitality.


For an authentic, fun and ecological experience in Portugal, don’t miss the opportunity to explore the country on two wheels with Turisbike. Renting bikes is easy and convenient, allowing you to enjoy all the wonders Portugal has to offer, while creating precious memories to last a lifetime. Whether you are an experienced cyclist or someone who wants to experience the pleasure of riding, Turisbike has the perfect bike for you. Get ready for a unique adventure in Portugal and let Turisbike take care of all the details so you can make the most of every moment.

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