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Cancellation Policy – Turisbike

At Turisbike, we understand that unforeseen situations may arise that lead you to consider cancelling a service or tour that you have booked with us. To make the process more transparent and clear, we present our Cancellation Policy. Please read the information below carefully.

Cancellation Request:

All cancellation requests must be notified to Turisbike by e-mail, clearly indicating the service you wish to cancel. Please forward the booking confirmation e-mail to


Turisbike may refund the full amount to the customer in the event of cancellation, at its discretion. However, we are under no obligation to do so, except when the cancellation is due to unforeseeable circumstances beyond the customer’s control. In these cases, some non-refundable expenses will be deducted from the amount to be refunded.


  • The date of the cancellation request is considered to be from the moment we receive the email, with confirmation of receipt by 6pm. After this date/time, we consider the next working day, unless it is a weekend or public holiday, in which case the count will start on the following Monday or the next working day.
  • The customer has the right to withdraw from the services at any time, subject to penalties as set out below:
    • Cancellations up to 60 days before the start date: 100% of the amount paid will be refunded, minus €50 in administrative booking fees.
    • Cancellations between 59 and 30 days before the start date: 50% of the price of the service booked.
    • Cancellations 29 days or less from the start date: no refund. Remember that these penalties apply to the total amount of the service booked, not to amounts already paid.
  • We recommend taking out trip cancellation insurance.
  • For tailor-made services outside our packages, a deposit is payable to cover non-refundable initial costs. The remaining amount must be paid 60 days before the event or as indicated in the special quotation.

We understand that unforeseen events can occur, and our intention is not to retain our customers unfairly. However, there are minimal costs associated with advance bookings and commitments with our partners to guarantee the best conditions and prices.


If you wish to make any changes to your booking, please contact us by e-mail at Keep in mind that changes are subject to corresponding fees and must be communicated at least 7 days before the start date of the service. Date changes will depend on Turisbike’s availability.

  • Administrative fee of €100 (one hundred euros) for changing the contracted service.

Turisbike reserves the right to alter previously defined programmes, routes or itineraries for reasons such as road works, extreme weather conditions, impassable roads, health or safety issues, among others. In these situations, there will be no refund.

Cancellation by Turisbike:

Turisbike reserves the right to cancel programmes or activities in the following circumstances:

  • Force majeure, such as war, terrorism, strikes, natural disasters and other situations not attributable to Turisbike. In these cases, there will be no right to a refund, but we will offer alternatives where possible.
  • Extreme weather conditions that jeopardise the safety of the activity. Again, there will be no right to a refund, but we will do our best to offer alternative programmes.
  • Lack of the minimum number of participants established for a programme. In this case, participants can choose between options such as a refund or an alternative programme.
  • Turisbike will refund 100% of the amount paid if it is necessary to cancel a programme for any other reason not mentioned above.

Our priority is to provide the best experience for our customers, adapting to unforeseen situations as fairly as possible. We hope this Cancellation Policy is clear and informative to help you make informed decisions.

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