Beach and Sea

Portugal is a country known for its beautiful beaches and for having a stunning coastline washed by the Atlantic Ocean. The Portuguese coastline stretches for some 943 km, offering many beach options for visitors. Most of the beaches in Portugal are fine sand, but there are also stone beaches, and some of them have crystal clear waters, surrounded by cliffs, rock formations and dunes.

Besides the beaches, the sea in Portugal is an attraction in itself. The country has a rich fishing tradition, and the sea is an important source of livelihood for many coastal communities. Fresh fish is a delicacy in many restaurants in Portugal and is an important part of the country’s cuisine.
The sea in Portugal also offers many opportunities for water-based activities such as boat trips, cruises, sport fishing, diving and dolphin watching. The Portuguese coast is an ideal place for nature and water sports lovers, with many spectacular places to explore and enjoy.
In summary, the beaches and sea in Portugal are a major tourist attraction and a fundamental part of life in the country. With a spectacular coastline, crystal clear waters, impressive cliffs and a wide variety of water activities, Portugal offers many options for those who want to enjoy its natural beauty.
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