Conditions and regulations for renting a bicycle

Conditions and regulations for renting a bicycle

Article 1

The purpose of this Regulation is to define the conditions and regulations for renting a bicycle. As well as the civil liabilities of the clients who celebrate with the TURISBIKE brand of Alfanove Unipessoal lda with address at Rua 5 de Outubro 523 in Vila do Conde, temporary contracts with a certain period of rental and use of bicycles.

When filling in your details on the form of this page with reservation request and consequently the equipment is available, you can make use of it since at the same time you are assuming and confirming that you have taken note of the general rental conditions described here.

Article 2 – General Provisions

The bicycles and equipment to be rented to Customers by TURISBIKE are the exclusive property of this company. just for use on leisure tours.

Article 3 – Rental conditions

a) The bicycle rental runs from Monday to Saturday from 9:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and from 2:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. On national and municipal holidays, these days it is best to confirm before making a reservation

b) When you make the rental of the bicycle, the Client is informed of this contract and of the general conditions. With the information of TURISBIKE, and the information of the Customer data, as well as the characteristics of the vehicle, the equipment and the rental time. This information is sent to the email address indicated by the Client on the form. This received email in synthesis has a link to these general conditions, however a copy of the same form is printed to sign by the Client.

c) The Client who submits the documents and fills out the form with their data, is the person responsible for all the equipment included in that contract, as well as the other person who will use it. At the same time it is always necessary to present an identification document, citizen’s card, identity card or passport of the first person in charge.

d) In the case of minors, when using the equipment rented, the Client of this contract, affirms to be the responsible and / or guardian of the minor. While using the rental equipment, you are responsible for all use.

Article 4 – Security deposit

a) A TURISBIKE may ask for a security deposit to pick up on the bike and equipment as well as may have to get an ID. The deposit amount will be returned in full. For less that can be deducted value of the expenses inherent to faults or services not contemplated at the time of rental. Therefore the minimum amount of collateral is 100 € (one hundred euros)

  • collect the equipment in a place other than the shop where it was picked up, at Customer’s request, within a radius of 20 km with a cost of 10 € (ten euros)
  • or otherwise in case of damage, holes or other malfunctions caused by misuse according to the table below of equipment repair

The Client authorizes to make the value adjustment in the security deposit. The value of the guarantee does not cover the full value of the bicycles and / or equipment, and in case of theft or robbery the security amount will be withheld to deduct the cost amount total of the equipment to be reimbursed by the Customer to TURISBIKE The value is on the Public Sale Price deducted from 20% of the missing equipment.

Article 5 – Use of the bicycle

a) The Customer must always make prudent use of the bicycle, in order to maintain good conservation, operation and safety. You should also inform other users to take the same care. The Customer of this rental agreement is responsible for all other users. If TURISBIKE requires any participation by any anomaly, it is always done in the name of the contract holder.

b) You must not transport third parties on the rented bicycle, except in a child seat. weighing up to 22 kg. You must not give or sub-hire or participate in any type of sports race without prior agreement

c) TURISBIKE reserves the right to refuse the rental of bicycles:

  • Who does not submit valid documentation;
  • Anyone who is visibly under the influence of alcohol;
  • To those who do not guarantee the prudent use and care of the bicycle;
  • Who does not pay the security deposit requested;
  • Whoever has previously violated the terms of the rental.

Article 6 – Rental Rates

The price changes between the vehicle, time of use, consult the pricing conditions in the store or on this page use the simulator.

Article 7 – Return of Equipment

a) The client must proceed with the delivery of the rented bicycle and all other equipment included in the rental at the address of TURISBIKE where the survey was carried out. As soon as the rental period expires, otherwise you will not have to pay the excess of the time of use;

b) If you do it before the expiration of the rental time will not be reimbursed of any importance;

c) If you do not return the rented bicycle, a criminal complaint is made for theft, against the civil responsible of this contract between the entities. The daily rental value of the respective bicycle will be counted as remaining daily costs. Amount per single day until its return or completion of the process;

d) If the bicycle is stolen from the customer, the customer must immediately report the crime to the police authorities. You are still responsible for the payment of the bicycle’s value. The value is between € 185 and € 750 depending on the type of bike. In the case of a security deposit, this value will be entered for settlement;

Article 8 – Responsibilities of the Client

a) The customer is responsible for any damage caused to the rented material. In the event of an accident, you must compensate TURISBIKE for the importance that becomes necessary for full recovery. You must make the full payment for the repair cost, based on the material cost described below. It can also add to the cost of workshop labor. It is also responsible for compensation for damages caused to other parties involved in the accident.

b) The rental of the bicycle to the Client does not imply any insurance of civil liability or personal accident by TURISBIKE. The customer is aware so he must take all precautions for safe use.

Article 9 – Reservations and Cancellations Policy

a) The advance reservation guarantees the availability of the equipment for the chosen period. TURISBIKE can not rent to others, thus making the equipment available to the Customer. If the equipment is not lifted on the day and time of start of the reservation the equipment remains available until the end of the rental agreement. In this way and due to the unavailability of the equipment for others, the reservation value can not be refunded. But we accept that the owner is changed.

Article 10 – Breakdowns

a) In case of any type of damage to the rented equipment, the Customer must immediately contact TURISBIKE and deliver the bicycle in the shop where the survey was carried out. You will be exchanged for another bike or refunded the amount of the missing rental period. In case of the minimum value of half the day (4 hours) there is no right to refund if more than 3 hours have passed.

b) In the event that the damage was caused by the Customer’s misuse and if it is not close to the store, you must pay the cost of collecting the equipment in the place of 20,00 € (twenty euros) within a radius of 20 km, above this distance will be charged the value of 0.50 € (fifty cents) for each extra kilometer.

Article 11 – Accidents

TURISBIKE is not responsible for any accidents that occur during the rental. Be warned to comply with all road code rules.

Article 12 – Table of repairs under security deposit

In case of partial damage to the equipment, the customer will be subject to payment to TURISBIKE the following amounts (VAT included):

Tube € 5,00 (hole)
Tire € 12,00
Rear wheel € 50,00
Pedals € 7,00
Cable changes € 5,00
Handles € 10,00
Front wheel € 40,00
Seat spigot € 10,00
Brake cable € 5,00
Selim € 25,00
Seat tightening € 5,00
Forks € 20.00
Frame € 80,00
Brake lever € 5,00
Handlebar € 30,00
Current € 10,00
Brake V-brake € 10.00
Disc Brake € 50,00
Padlock € 6.00
Pedalboard € 25,00

Article 13 – Omitted cases

For cases not covered by this regulation, the parties will be governed by the law of the country.

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