Conditions of Bicycle Transport Service

The service of transport of cyclists and bicycles is governed by the following rules

Conditions of Bicycle Transport Service are accommodated in accessories suitable for their transport eg in roof racks, likewise in tow ball carriers up to four bicycles sometimes can be trailer with bicycle stand. In this way the transport will always be carried out with all the care inherent in this operation. We advise you to read carefully the Conditions of the Bicycle Transport Service.

Thus the bikes are not checked in their general condition also the mechanical component or any existing risk or dents. It is not relevant that you should be aware of damage before shipping. For the purpose of requesting any repair of damages soon after the finalized transport.

We make a responsible and responsible transport, in the event of any anomaly in the transported bicycles, we hereby decline any responsibility. Although there is no accident or unforeseen situation provided they are covered by their insurance. Naturally the Customer accompanies the bike during the trip, from which you can check all the care in the placement, packaging and driving.

We do not carry electric bicycles or weigh more than 14 kg each bike. For safer transportation you may need to remove the saddle or lower / raise it according to the adjustment needs.

By accepting the transport service you accept these conditions immediately.

Any other subject that needs better clarification can send by email to see in contacts.

During transport there are no longer scheduled stops longer than fifteen minutes. Only stops at the service station that are along the route ie without detours. For the purpose of supplying food and babies, as well as other necessities. As well as the bikes are always under surveillance by the driver of the vehicle. In case you have the need to be away for a while, the bicycle storage is therefore affected by the passengers.

In situations of longer stopping you must be informed before preparing the budget. Strictly speaking what type of stop and the expected deviation to be effected and in short the intended stopping time for the visit of some place.

In addition, if this situation has not been presented in advance this value must be paid to the respective driver. With the agreement of all, according to the deviation in kilometers and stopping time and meal value if it is the case of stopping for this purpose.

According to the date and time set for the collection of cyclists the maximum waiting time without any warning from the customer is ONE HOUR at the marked place.

For each hour of delay adds the value of 20 € (twenty euros) amounts with VAT included. After this period and without any type of contact on the part of the Client, the collection is not effective. So exhausted the time and in place combined there is no place to any refund of the amount paid.

The Turisbike undertakes on the scheduled date and time to be on site for the collection of second and second bicycles combined. Turisbike can not be held liable for any delays that may arise due to transit, malfunctions or other occasional occurrences. The Customer will be advised of this setback unrelated to Turisbike’s wishes. In this sense there is no right to any kind of compensation or reduction of the agreed price of the service.

In case of breakdown of the vehicle for the transportation of Turisbike is aided by the assistance in travel that will take the customers to their final destination, according to the rules of assistance on the road. In addition the merchandise may have to follow in another vehicle to be delivered on a different date. In these cases beyond our control there can be no room for any kind of compensation or reduction of the amount budgeted.

No additional insurance is taken out for the transport of goods, equipment and bicycles. If you wish to take out separate insurance for the transport you should consult your insurance company or request a quote under that condition for goods insurance. Compulsory insurance covers passengers for the amounts required by law. Regarding damages as third parties, the respective insurers cover the expenses and costs according to the law.

It is important for the safeguarding of the Customer to take due due account of eventualities that may occur outside our control.

Our goal is for the service to occur as it does most of the time, without interference or change in what is planned and budgeted. In other words, cyclists and bicycles arrive at their destination in conditions.

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