Cycling trips in Portugal

Bike Tours em Portugal

Cycling trips in Portugal and discover a unique experience

Cycling trips in Portugal is indeed a country with a pleasant climate. With mild temperatures as well as a sun that shines all year round.

Portugal undeniably offers excellent conditions to be explored by bicycle.

In just a few kilometres we go from the mountains to the beach, and from the hustle and bustle of the city to the peace and quiet of country life.

The variety of clickable paths enables various experiences from road to mountain, just like for touring and mountain biking.

Taking smooth journeys without much effort or even following challenging routes that raise adrenaline levels to the maximum.

For those who don’t bring their own bike, they can opt to hire one for short rides or longer trips.

In some locations, bicycles are available for free use. A healthy and ecological way to spend the day discovering their attractions. If you can’t find them, click here to see the solutions we offer.

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    For those who want to get to know Portugal with the purpose of cycling and the convenience of an organised trip.

    In Turisbike you will find several programs in which everything is included. From the best hotels to specialized guides, from restaurants where you can taste the most authentic gastronomy to visits to monuments and museums.

    You can also choose to travel in your own way and travel individually. In your own time and with your own schedule, but you can always take advantage of our support services.

    In short, a holiday with lots of exercise but without any worries!

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