FAQ How to do a Bike Tour

How to do a Bike Tour, see here the main questions that can arise to make and schedule your bike tour.

Minimum number of participants for a Bike Tour?

How to do a Bike Tour. The programs available have a minimum number of participants. However, we can consider groups with a lower number than the program. In these cases, a proposal is certainly made taking into account the number of participants.

Physical capacity for the various programs?

Physical ability is something that cannot be neglected. In other words, it is clear that someone who does not practice the minimum of exercise (at least 1 to 2 times a week) and rarely rides a bicycle, therefore it is not advisable to participate in these events. Therefore to test your skills we suggest participating in one of our 1 day lower/intermediate/higher level programs.

Given that I am in good physical shape, what do I do if I have a power outage in the middle of a trip?

In the proposed programmes, when included, a support car follows the group for supplies or other eventualities. According to the points of the route and that, besides carrying the luggage of the participants. It also provides support for any physical, mechanical or other problems. As a result, in case the program does not have a support car by package option, you will have to carry all your luggage in saddlebags between the stages.

Is it advisable to carry out some physical preparation before the trip?

If there is no regular practice of physical exercise, preparation before the trip will not be the solution. For those who practice some exercise regularly, a more specific preparation, 1 or 2 months before, depending on the days, miles and accumulation of the program, will certainly help.

What is the concern with food?

Considering that we are the bike’s engine, food is fuel. Therefore, it is desirable, that during the journey, there is some care, giving preference to richer energetic food. This is not in any way a conditioning or restrictive issue. Such a program also serves to enjoy the local gastronomy and it is not desirable to worry about what you eat. The important thing is to be fed.

Do I need a specific bike?

No, depending on the type of mountain, road or cycle tour program. We can present a bicycle for the respective tour as a rental with various options and levels of equipment. If you use your own bike it will be better because it is already adapted. But we always advise a previous inspection, which can be done in our workshop.

Is it necessary to have a navigation device (GPS)?

No, in case the program or package includes a Tourist Guide. In the programs in autonomy, without guide is necessary at least one of the elements to have this type of equipment to follow the trails. A navigation system is always useful, besides guiding us during the route. It can also be used to locate someone who gets lost along the way. It can be rented upon availability.

Is it necessary to bring tools and spare parts?

Parts and tools normally used as SOS for holes or small repairs, such as air chamber, air pump. It is always convenient to have them in a bike bag. More complex mechanical issues will be given by the support car, depending on the type of malfunction and on a previous quotation.

Do I have to have some mechanics?

No. Basic assistance, in case of breakdown, can be provided by the guide that accompanies the group. However, if the group is unable to resolve the problem, they will have to continue in the support car until the end of the stage that day in order to repair the fault. In case repair is not possible and if there is no (extra) replacement bike the ride for that element may be compromised.

What equipment should I bring?

Depending on the program and season of the year you are going to perform, you must adapt the type of equipment. An important point is the shorts or pants to wear, to have a good lamb or a “pillow”. To provide comfort over a few hours sitting on a saddle. The clothes to wear at the end of each stage are at the discretion of each participant. However, we recommend something relaxed. and always bring equipment for each day.

Transport of luggage during the bike program?

In all the proposed programs, we provide a support car that accompanies the group and transports the luggage, also serving as a resource for possible problems. The groups that choose to make the journey on their own will have to use bike carriers to transport their luggage.

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