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How you can hire a bicycle for a trip to Santiago

Camino de Santiago de Compostela Portuguese: Bike Adventure with Turisbike


The Camino de Santiago de Compostela Portuguese is a spiritual journey that has attracted pilgrims from all over the world for centuries. The possibility of walking this historical Way by bike, exploring stunning landscapes and experiencing moments of reflection and self-knowledge, is an exciting opportunity. In this article, you will be introduced to Turisbike, a company specialized in bike rental that offers several options to make the adventure on the Camino de Santiago even more memorable.

About the Camino de Santiago Portuguese

The Camino de Santiago Portuguese offers one of the most picturesque and inspiring routes for pilgrims wishing to reach Santiago de Compostela, Spain. From various cities in Portugal, such as Porto, Lisbon or even on the border with Spain, in Tui, cyclists have the opportunity to explore diverse landscapes. In addition, along the way, it is possible to enjoy charming villages, as well as lush green areas and stunning vineyards. This diversity of scenery makes the trip truly unforgettable.

Why choose Turisbike?

Turisbike stands out as the ideal company to make this experience unique and unforgettable. With a wide variety of bikes available for hire, Turisbike offers options that suit the needs and preferences of every cyclist, whether experienced or beginner. In addition, the Turisbike team is always ready to provide valuable tips on the route, ensuring that cyclists make the most of every moment of the trip.

Normal and Electric Bicycles

Turisbike offers both normal and electric bikes for hire. Normal bikes are perfect for those looking for a more traditional experience, challenging themselves on every stretch of the route. On the other hand, e-bikes are ideal for those who want a smoother journey, allowing cyclists to travel longer distances and tackle steep climbs more easily.

Options with and without Saddlebags

Turisbike understands that each cyclist has their own needs and preferences. Therefore, it offers bicycles with and without saddlebags. If you are planning a long-term trip and need extra space for your luggage, saddlebag bikes are the perfect choice. On the other hand, if you want a lighter and more agile experience, saddlebag-free bikes offer practicality and freedom of movement.


Turisbike is the ideal partner for adventurers who wish to explore the Camino de Santiago de Compostela Portuguese by bike. With varied options of normal and electric bikes, with and without saddlebags, cyclists have the freedom to customize their journey according to their individual preferences. By choosing Turisbike, each pilgrim is guaranteed an enriching and inspiring experience along this historic path, full of meaning and beauty. Live this unforgettable adventure with Turisbike and create memories that will last a lifetime!

In a summarized way we present the frequently asked questions how to rent a bike here how to make a PRE-RESERVATION.

For bicycle travel we have the following models as an option:

Disc Mountain bike hire

The Elite 1.0 model is equipped with a luggage rack and the option of 2 x 20 litre panniers.

This model is for travelling in autonomy, as well as for enjoying a more adventurous trip. To take your luggage (maximum recommended 6 to 8kg). Just as we can keep the bigger luggage and hand it over at the end.

The Elite 3.0 model is a lighter 11-speed bike

With front suspension prepared therefore for more demanding terrain. No luggage rack. But it can have a holder on the seat tube for a small bag of daytime accessories. Like your food, a coat or other items. Maximum 10 litres of 2 to 3 kilos.

Elite Mountain Bike
Electric bike for the Camino de Santiago with Turisbike

Electric bikes with mid-engine and front suspension

You also have the option of electric bikes, for assisted pedalling, to cover more kilometres more easily. Option with or without panniers and extra options. You can also choose to have your luggage transported between hotels.

To make a simulation of values here in the FAQ how to rent a bike:

  • Choose a start date and rental days, whether you want to receive the day before at the hotel or accommodation or on the day.
  • Choose the quantities and size of the bike.
  • To leave the bike in Santiago, at the same time you can choose to leave at the hotel where you are staying or in a shop indicated by us.
  • Turisbike is a company specialized in bike rental and related services. one of its most important services is Travel Assistance for Bicycles.
  • After adding to the cart the bikes with the sizes and dates chosen, first of all check the options you will need, helmet, saddlebags, padlock or other extras.

You can then close your order by choosing the PRE-RESERVATION payment method which has no payment.

We then receive your order to check and confirm the availability of the equipment and adjust the values if necessary.

If you agree only then do you receive a payment request, to make an actual booking.

How to rent a bike online for Santiago de Compostela. Choose the subtitles in your language.

Any doubt feel free to inquire through our contacts in order to clarify your doubts

How to hire bikes for the Camino de Santiago

At Turisbike you’ll find a variety of bike models and various services to complement your adventure. We’re here to help, please contact us.Fazer o Caminho de Santiago português em bicicleta com partida na Sé do Porto

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