Gold Route – Golden Village

In Paredes, north of Portugal, the “Golden Route – Golden Village”

preserves the marks of a time dating back to Roman times. Get to know the Romanesque Route, including the Monastery of Cete and the Aguiar tower

Let’s get acquainted with the History of the Gold Mines, in the Center of Interpretative of the Gold Mines of Castromil and Banjas.

Pedal for the Route of the Romanesque towards the Tower of the Castle of Aguiar de Sousa, because the Monastery Cete already all there passed previously, where we are presented by the magnificent landscape and calm, we descended to the Mrs. of the Salto to put to test our palate and the delicacy gastronomic fevra in garlic vine with cheese and egg!

Through the rails we reach the Gruta das Banjas, old gold mines built by our ancestors, we continue to the mines of the Banjas where we find the rails used by the wagon.

View of the Black Well and its waterfall, on the way!