Local accommodation and mobility services

Local accommodation and mobility services with bicycle rental

Local Accommodation and mobility services for those who have an Accommodation certainly want to have value-added services for their Customers. Have you also thought about something like bicycle mobility for your customers? At Turisbike you will find the options from temporary rental to the purchase of equipment.

Discover the Ideal Partner to Boost Your Guest Experience

We are pleased to present Local Accommodation and Mobility services a unique opportunity to elevate your guests’ experience while offering an incredible differentiator in your establishment. Turisbike, one of the leading bike hire companies, is looking to establish strategic partnerships with local accommodation, aiming to enhance their customers’ stay and of course boost their business!

Get to know Turisbike:

Turisbike is a renowned and reliable company, specialized in bicycle rental for tourists who wish to explore the beauty of our cities and regions with practicality and freedom. In addition, we offer a wide range of models and options. In Local Accommodation and Mobility services ensuring your guests have the perfect bike for their needs and preferences.

The Partnership Advantage:

By becoming a partner of Turisbike, Local Accommodation and Mobility services will provide your guests with the unique opportunity to explore the surroundings of your establishment in an eco-friendly, healthy and exciting way. In addition, by integrating our offer with yours, we will allow your customers to make the bicycle reservation directly along with the room reservation. The ease of a unified process results in more convenience and satisfaction for your customers.

YOUR client when booking directly with the Accommodation can include a bicycle

Benefits for Local Accommodation:

  1. Sponsored Link to the Online Booking Page: We provide a sponsored link to Turisbike’s online booking page on its website, which consequently facilitates access and viewing of the options available to its guests. As a result, you’ll get more qualified traffic directed to your site.
  2. Augmented Customer Experience: Provide a memorable experience for your guests by giving them the freedom to explore their surroundings in a practical and fun way. As a result, this will contribute to positive reviews, which in turn will encourage greater customer loyalty and potentially result in more bookings.
  3. Exclusive Discount for Guests: Along with the sponsored link, we also offer an exclusive promotional code for your guests. In this way, they can enjoy a special discount when renting the bikes through the partnership with their accommodation. With this added perk, surely your guests will have an even more rewarding experience exploring the region with our bikes!
  4. Attractive Commissions: As a partner, in addition, you can also receive commissions for every bike booking made through your establishment. This is an additional opportunity to increase the revenue of your business, making the partnership even more advantageous for your accommodation. Take advantage of this possibility to increase your earnings while offering an exceptional service to your customers!

All you have to do is indicate on your booking platform that you have the additional service of bike hire.

Why Choose Turisbike?

  1. Proven Experience: We have years of experience in the bike rental industry, which gives us a solid reputation and a loyal customer base.
  2. Model Diversity: We offer a variety of models and options to meet the needs of all cyclists, from beginners to the most experienced.
  3. Delivery and Collection at the Accommodation: Our priority is convenience. We deliver the bikes directly to your accommodation and collect them at the end of the rental.
  4. Simplified Online Bookings: Our online booking process is easy and intuitive, ensuring a hassle-free experience for your guests.

Contact Us

We are excited to share this exceptional opportunity with you and present how we can customise our partnership to perfectly suit your accommodation. For more information or to schedule a meeting, please feel free to contact us via e-mail or by phone at our contact details.

We look forward to our future work together and the chance to provide an unparalleled experience for your guests!

Eventually even monetize the equipment with subletting for other visitors.

We therefore want to continue to deserve your trust, the same trust that we convey and believe our business partners maintain.

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If you have a local accommodation, see the conditions of services for bicicle rentals as well as the equipments.
If you choose to buy or rent in the meantime. Depending on the accommodation requirements of each reservation.

consult us or see our models here

The number of bicycles may vary according to each reservation. Having the equipment always ready and available at any time. It may be a task you don’t want to be engaged in. Local accommodation and mobility services we do for you.

Instead of investing in equipment like bicycles, without knowing what type, size and model YOUR customer is looking for. The solution of a partnership with a specialised company can be a solution, more economical and to serve the client well. By purchasing our services in partnership, you have the bikes available virtually. So your customer through a sponsored link from your accommodation can make a direct booking. With this sponsored link you are also rewarded for your rental. Contact us to learn more about our conditions.

YOUR customer’s satisfaction is the most important thing. Leave that task to us.

request our services and dedicate yourself to your hosting and hospitality business
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