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+351 916 242 484
Rua Almirante Reis 158, 4490-463 Póvoa de Varzim – Porto – Portugal

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    Whenever you contact us, your data is used exclusively to respond to the information requested. They are not kept in a database, transmitted to third parties, or used for any other type of communication initiated by us. We only communicate what is related to the scope of the initial contact. The data is kept in our email system for as long as we consider necessary to answer the questions raised. Or when necessary for archive consultation. The data to be deleted at any time, the user must express this interest. As long as this deletion does not jeopardise legal obligations

    Location the Rent a Bike view below the map of the Location of the Turisbike Rent a Bike. As well as the proximity to the metro stations. First you can get off at São Brás, or just after the last station in Póvoa de Varzim.

    However if you are installed in a hotel in Porto (city), with the purpose of scheduling a bicycle tour. So if you feel better, we can certainly make your transfer to the Turisbike.

    We will pick up the hotel or accommodation where it is installed.

    To find out where you can rent bikes in Turisbike
    Location on map where to rent bikes | Turisbike
    Registo RNAAT n.º 39/2017

    Contact us before your visit to reserve your bike or to check availability.

    So before you travel, you should first confirm the availability of bicycles for rent. So it is safer to arrive with a reservation according to your interests and needs. Therefore and if applicable you can use the form not only to find out the cost but also to guarantee the booking of the equipment.

    In the meantime please check our schedules and availability at Turisbike Location, ie if you will be moving so please confirm by phone or whatsapp if you have already placed your order and then wait for our response on equipment availability.

    Above all you can also search our tourist services such as other forms of car rides.

    To know and ride in Portugal. You can also request your transfers from the airport to your location or vice versa.

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