Mountain Bike and Surf at Azurara Beach Vila do Conde

A day of Mountain Bike and Surf. A perfect experience for a fuller day. At the same time in contact with nature land and sea.

A different day’s program connected with nature sea and land

Aloha Surf & SUP School is a RNAAT certified professional school with accredited teachers and experienced monitors for safe surveillance at sea. Those who are taking the first steps in surfing or even for those who want to start surfing or sup. Feel the safety of the watchful eyes of people who have known the sea for over 30 years.

For the rest of the day you can also enjoy a bike ride along the Mindelo Ornithological Reserve Route. Otherwise you can enjoy the bike paths through the city from Vila do Conde to Póvoa de Varzim. The more adventurous can follow some stretches of the Way of Santiago along the coast.

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Mountain Bike and Surfing

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When making a package of services with Turisbike and Aloha companies, you benefit from special conditions, either exclusive prices or services.

The surf lessons or services should be coordinated with the state of the sea, particularly the weather situation at the time. Reserved dates can be adjusted according to the best time to take advantage of the waves.

Tours can also be free or accompanied by a local guide. In this case it must be requested in advance to have coordination of the agenda available. The guide is accompanied by an additional charge.

At the same time as taking a guided tour through the Mindelo reserve, you will get to know places of passage in contact with nature.

In the same way the city of Vila do Conde has bike lanes where you can circulate safely to the city of Póvoa de Varzim. You can make your way by the sea, enjoying the view of the Portuguese coast and passing the beaches and always in safety. Using the bicycle is the easiest and simplest way of mobility between these cities.

So make your reservation in time to book the Surf that can be in the morning or afternoon window. Depending on the situation of the sea and the type of class to be run. In this way the bike ride is done during the hour that does not have the Surf lesson.