Central Portuguese Way of St James

To plan your Portuguese Way of Saint James Central

Porto – Senhora da Hora – Vairão – São Pedro de Rates – Pedra Furada – Barcelinhos – Barcelos – Tamel – Vitorino de Piães – Ponte de Lima – Ruibães – Cerdal Valença – Tui – O Porrinho – Mós – Redondela – Arcade – Pontevedra – Barro – Briallos – Caldas de Rei – Valga – Pontecesures – Padrón – Teo – Santiago de Compostela

In advance on the map you can check the distances between stages and thus choose where to stay overnight.

Map of the Ways of Santiago Compostela Central Portuguese
Map of the Ways of Santiago Compostela Central Portuguese

Places to sleep in Portugal

03PortoPorto Pilgrims’ Hostel
04Senhora da HoraSrª da Hora Pilgrim Hostel
05VairãoPilgrims’ Hostel at the Monastery of Vairão
06São Pedro de RatesS. Pedro de Rates Pilgrims’ Hostel
07BarcelinhosResidência – Albergue Senhor do Galo
08BarcelosHostel City of Barcelos
09TamelCasa da Recoleta Barcelos Municipal Pilgrims’ Hostel
11Ponte de LimaAlbergue de Peregrinos de Ponte de Lima
12RubiãesAlbergue de Peregrinos de São Pedro de Rubiães
13CerdalHostel Quinta Estrada Romana
14ValençaSão Teotónio Hostel

Places to sleep in Spain

15TuiAlbergue De Peregrinos De Tui
16PorriñoAlbergue de Peregrinos de O Porriño
17MosAlbergue de peregrinos Santa Baia de Mos
18RedondelaAlbergue Casa Da Torre De Redondela
19ArcadeAlbergue Camino de Santiago O Lar de Pepa
20PontevedraAlbergue Virgen Peregrina
21BarroAlbergue de Peregrinos de Barro
22BriallosAlbergue de Peregrinos de Briallos
23Caldas de ReisAlbergue O Cruceiro
24ValgaAlbergue de Peregrinos de Valga
25PontecesuresAlbergue de peregrinos de Pontecesures
26PadrónAlbergue de peregrinos de Padrón
27TeoTeo Pilgrims’ Hostel
28Santiago de Compostela

In the Portuguese Camino de Santiago Central, so check here the kilometres between stages to choose the location where you will spend the night. Clicking on the hostel first opens the information of the places where you can stay overnight. In the hostel they don’t usually make reservations, moreover it is on a first-come, first-served basis, so it is undeniable that you should make your reservations in advance. Se pretender efetuar reserva use o Booking nos locais próximos conforme apresentado no mapa.

Choose the location of the next stage where you will stay overnight and make your reservations directly


Choose your stages and make your bookings. For logistical support, you can count on our services.

At first a well-slept and relaxed night is the motivation for the next day to set off with more motivation. Sometimes you should choose an accommodation that will effectively provide a moment of leisure and relaxation. Just as you should also have fibre- and energy-rich meals for the next day. In short, prepare in advance what you will need and how many kilometres you will cover each day.

Find the best solution for a Bike Tour in Portugal

It is very important to receive several recommendations. Because there is a lot of information in an exhaustive form on the subject. So it’s not hard to gather all the information, either in FB groups or other communities. As you can and should do, we don’t want to teach you how to do it. The experience is yours, at the same time we are here to support you in doing in short you can do it all the way.

We are here to help you to clarify your doubts, especially when you are abroad and in addition to the support on the Camino, you certainly also need a welcome back home. We will pick you up at the airport or train station and transfer you to your hotel.

The whole trip by bicycle to Santiago de Compostela is above all very peaceful and serene.

To do it on the days that best suit your interests. Although you can make the trip in complete autonomy. It is better to book in advance the stages where you are going to stay. Rather than booking on the day, you may run the risk of not getting accommodation.

Follow the suggestions we give you from the Hostels as well as from the lodgings nearby. Choose according to your budget without pressure and with the amenities you need. If you hire a bicycle for the purpose of doing the Camino. In the same way you can hire the luggage transportation service. On the other hand, if you choose the travel assistance service, you can be rescued in the event of a breakdown. However, if you do not have the assistance service, you can go to a nearby bicycle repair shop. Therefore, in the absence of an assistance contract, the repair costs will be borne by the user.

It is therefore simpler to contract all services with just one company.

It also makes it easier to have only one contact for all services. Just to exemplify instead of carrying your luggage on your bike. However, you can hire a baggage transport service between stages. So that when you arrive at your accommodation you have your luggage already on site. It therefore makes for a smoother journey and is less prone to breakdowns due to the weight. Either way you have your trip much lighter and no worries about managing what you need to take with you. In that sense with everything well organised and taken care of, you just have to enjoy your Camino. Here you will certainly find all the services you will need. If you still don’t know what you need, please contact us through our communication channels.

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