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Professional bike rental with solutions for tourism professionals.

Professional Bicycle Rental for Hotels and Tourism Professionals

Professional rental


Professional bike rental welcome to the innovative world of Turisbike, a complete solution for hotel units and tourism professionals. With our proposal, you will have the opportunity to increase the profitability of your business, thus attracting more customers looking for value-added services. Discover, therefore, how you can offer a differential and provide a unique experience to your guests and visitors.

Offer a Value Added Service:

Imagine having in your public space, hotel or accommodation a bicycle rental service. With this innovative proposal, your customers will be able to enjoy a sustainable, healthy and fun mobility option during their stay. By providing this service, you will therefore be creating an opportunity to attract new customers and, consequently, increase the profitability of your business

At Turisbike we are prepared to create the products and services in an identical way and tailored to our partner.

Solve the Needs of the Tourism Professional:

Turisbike also offers solutions designed for tourism professionals. If you are a professional in this area, you can use our bicycles to organize tours and activities that provide unique experiences to your customers. In addition, our bike rental options allow your own customers to enjoy this service, making their stay even more complete and memorable.

Bike Renting and Simplified Online Platform:

We thus offer in professional bicycle rental the possibility of renting bicycles for a certain period, allowing you to create a bicycle rental point in your establishment. With our online platform, both the establishment itself and its customers will be able to subscribe to the rental in a simple and practical way. That way, you can rely on our expertise to handle all the responsibilities related to the bike rental service, leaving you free to focus on the other important areas of your business.

Connection to Our Online Store:

By joining the Turisbike service, your space will thus be directly linked to our online store. This means that customers will be able to easily access our platform and rent a bike, even having the possibility to make advance reservations through our online booking page. With this connection, it becomes, therefore, the whole process more accessible and convenient for both you and your customers.

From discounts attributed to YOUR customers in your unit or commercial space, in return for the purchase of our rental services.

Create Personalized Offers and Discounts:

The flexibility of our service with professional bike rental allows you to create personalized offers and discounts for your customers. Offer a special experience to guests who decide to rent a bike at your property, encouraging them to explore the region with the freedom that only a bicycle can provide. These promotions can be an additional incentive for more customers to choose to use the Turisbike service during their stay.

Our team studies your request carefully to fit into our services, so that in the end you have an overall satisfaction of your customer.

Get in touch:

We are excited to offer this unique opportunity for your hotel unit or tourism business. Contact us to study together the most appropriate scenario for your goals. Our team is ready to answer your questions and help implement professional bike rental, making it a striking differential in the experience of your customers.

Enjoy the Future of Sustainable Mobility and Responsible Tourism with Turisbike!

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What you find in professional bike rental

  • Find a bike fleet program, albeit for temporary use.
  • Simple service as well as turnkey.
  • Maintenance periods are already foreseen.
  • In case of breakdown, according to the emergency service to the Client.

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    Professional bicycle hire for hotels or lodgings

    Turisbike offers discounted online bike hire for guests. In addition, we offer a renting service, with bikes placed on site, with no stock or maintenance worries for the establishment. Contact us for more information on our customised solutions.Aluguer de bicicletas com entrega em hotel

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