Bicycle transport Portugal Taxi Bike service for Bicycles and Cyclists

Taxi Bikes – Transfer Bike

Transport bicycles and passengers

The best way to travel with your bike in company.

Travel between cities. Bicycle pick up at airport and cyclists to accommodation.

Taxi Bikes – Transfer Bike

  1. How to call the Taxi Bikes

    Fill out the form below to schedule your pickup and location.

  2. Await response

    You will receive an email regarding availability and budget

  3. The Taxi Bikes How Many Bikes Does It Carry

    It is transported on high-end supports and in the Taxi version it carries up to 5 bicycles and their cycles.

  4. Transport can be by bicycle only

    Yes, transport can only be by bike from point A to point B, there must always be someone available for pick up and delivery.

  5. Rental bikes may be included

    Yes, you can request a trip to a city or bike path where you want to take a bike ride. If you don’t have a bike you can rent on Turisbike.

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    Whenever you contact us, your data is used exclusively to respond to the information requested. They are not kept in a database, transmitted to third parties, or used for any other type of communication initiated by us. We only communicate what is related to the scope of the initial contact. The data is kept in our email system for as long as we consider necessary to answer the questions raised. Or when necessary for archive consultation. The data to be deleted at any time, the user must express this interest. As long as this deletion does not jeopardise legal obligations

    Having the bicycle as your travel companion is no longer a problem. Travel or transport your bike with Turisbike.

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