The Guimarães – Fafe Bike Path

The Bike Path, cycle route from Guimarães to Fafe has a length of approximately 14 kilometers.

This bike path starts in Mesão Frio, in the municipality of Guimarães, about three kilometers from the city center, to Lugar de Foz, about one kilometer from the center of Fafe.

During the course of the track it is intersected several times by intersections with the main and secondary roads. In this sense, whenever you approach these intersections you need to redouble your attention, due to the possibility of passing vehicles.

The floor is asphalt but with some irregularities at some points.

After a slight climb, the route starting from the side of Guimarães is almost always going downhill. Until you meet the Fafe route in Infantas. where you can take a break to regain strength or simply enjoy the spot.

The route offers plenty of shade, so it becomes a very quiet and healthy bike ride.

The layout of this bike path is based on the principle that circulation on the cycle path is a priority over all roads that cross it, but to ensure its safety, it must cross the roads with the utmost attention.

Along the track there are relaxation points with equipment that allows various uses.

As well as drinking fountains at key points, properly marked.


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