The Way of Saint James to Muxia and Finisterra

For many, the end of the Way is not only in Santiago de Compostela.

From Santiago to Finisterra, where all the pilgrims follow to the Apostle Santiago and obtain his Compostela.

For many, the END of the Way is more than 100 km west of Santiago de Compostela. On the so-called Mystique of the Death Coast, better known as Cabo de Finisterra, this is the iconic way from Santiago to Finisterra.

From Santiago to Muxia et Finisterra | Turisbike bike rental with bike transportation to Santiago
From Santiago to Muxia and Finisterra | Turisbike bike rental

One of the lands of great tradition Jacobeia on this road, is the coastal village of Muxia. The reason for the importance of this passage, has to do with the legend that tells the apparition of Our Lady. I followed in a stone boat guided by angels, to São Tiago with the objective of giving encouragement in his apostolic mission.

The Sanctuary of Nossa Senhora da Barca was built here in 1544. Since then it has become an important place in this pilgrimage.

From Santiago to Finisterra by bicycle

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The Romans thought that this was the westernmost point on earth, but this was where the world ended.

It was the “finis terrae”.

But why would anyone come to the end of the world?

The Way to Finisterre is realized by pilgrims who wish to know the sea and see the “End of the World”, or the “End of the Earth”.

Also known to some as the “Coast of Death”.

The region is located on the edge of the old continent at one of the extremes of Europe. It is considered as a magical land, therefore full of legends and traditions that are projected every day. On the other hand, it has become a tourist center.

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The people who visit the region are enchanted not only by the beauty of the coastal landscapes, but also by the richness of its historical heritage. Not only for its imposing lighthouses, but also for the magic of its rocks and anyway, for its excellent gastronomy.

The idea of the pilgrimage through the most western lands of Europe was already present in the beliefs of the Celtic peoples, who placed “el Más Allá” on an island in the West.

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