The way to St James from the Portuguese coast

Cycling the Coastal Camino from Porto | Turisbike rental Bikes from way of St James

Prepare YOUR way to St James from the Portuguese coast with the help of a map. It is certainly safer to make overnight reservations in advance. Whether you choose hotels, hostels or hostels. Then see on the map how long it takes to go through a step.

Porto – Vairão – São Pedro de Rates – Póvoa de Varzim – Fonte Boa – Esposende – Marinhas – Castelo do Neiva – Viana do Castelo – Vila Praia de Âncora – Caminha – Vila Nova de Cerveira – Valença – Tui – Porrinho – Mós – Redondela – Arcade – Pontevedra – Barro – Briallos – Caldas de Rei – Valga – Pontecesures – Padrón – Teo – Santiago de Compostela

On the way to St James from the Portuguese coast, see here how far you want to do per day and where to stay overnight. Make your reservations through booking or use the list of hostels listed below.

The way to Santiago from the Portuguese coast
Way of Santiago Compostela Portuguese Coast

Places to sleep in Portugal

010 Porto Porto Pilgrim Hostel
0224 Vairão Pilgrim Hostel of Vairão Monastery
2239 Póvoa de VarzimSan Jose de Ribamar Pilgrim Hostel
0456 MarinhasS. Miguel de Marinhas Hostel
0582 Viana do CasteloSão João dos Caminhos Pilgrim Hostel
06109 CaminhaCaminha Pilgrim Hostel

Places to sleep in Spain

23[113] La GuardaLa Guardia Pilgrim Hostel
24[137] MougásTourist Hostel Aguncheiro
25[154] RamalhosaHostel Pazo Pías
26[172] FreixoPilgrim Hostel O Freixo
07141 ValençaSao Teotonio Hostel
08145 TuiTui Pilgrim Hostel
09158 PorriñoPorriño Pilgrim Hostel
10MosSanta Baia de Mos Pilgrim Hostel
11174 RedondelaHostel Tower Of Redondela Tower
12ArcadeCamino de Santiago Hostel The Pepa Home
13194 PontevedraVirgen Peregrina Hostel
14BarroBarro Pilgrim Hostel
15Briallos Briallos Pilgrim Hostel
16215 Caldas de ReisHostel The Cruceiro
17ValgaValga Pilgrim Hostel
18PontecesuresPontecesures Pilgrim Hostel
19233 PadrónPadrón Pilgrim Hostel
20TeoTeo Pilgrim Hostel
21258 Santiago de Compostela

You can choose on this map by placing the cities where you will make your stop by stage and thus see which hotels or hostel you can sleep in.

First of all, preparing and scheduling your overnight stays in good time will be more economical.

Choose the location of the next step where you will spend the night and make your reservations directly

Learn how to rent bicycles in Portugal.

First of all look in our conditions how you can rent a bike in Portugal. You can also take The Way to Santiago as well as any other tour you want to take in Portugal.

In fact we make the delivery on site and the rental can be of short or long duration. Ask for a simulation according to the desired model and the rental time.

The Way to Santiago is an adventure, that is what you should not do anyway. So much so that first you must prepare the logistics so that you don’t have any problems and setbacks. Therefore, it is important to book your overnight stays in good time. You can use our links and suggestions for to make your reservation, within what you are looking for for that stage.

Bicycle Rental for the Portuguese Way of Santiago

How to rent a bike here

At first a well-slept and relaxed night is the motivation for the next day to leave with more motivation. Sometimes you should choose an accommodation that will effectively provide a moment of leisure and relaxation. As well as should also have meals rich in fiber and energy for the next day. In short, prepare in advance what you will need and how many kilometres you will do per day.

Make the Way of Saint James in a simple way.

The Camino de Santiago doesn’t have to be a race, however it should be within your availability to choose the time you will need. So you can choose the cities and places where you will sleep. This way you can choose the places within your budget and your needs. You can choose your equipment and bike within what you will actually need, that is to say match the type of bike to the route you will take. Because you don’t need to spend a lot of your budget on renting a bike.

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