Travel Assistance for Bicycles

Turisbike is a company specialized in bike rental and related services. one of its most important services is Travel Assistance for Bicycles.

This Bicycle Travel Assistance service certainly aims to offer support to cyclists in case of unforeseen events or emergencies during their journeys.

When you contract the Turisbike Travel Assistance service for Bicycles, you also have at your disposal a series of benefits and services, such as:

  1. Assistance in the event of breakdown or accident: If you have any problems with your bicycle during the journey. The Turisbike team goes to your location in order to try to resolve the problem. Or take the bike to a trusted workshop for the purpose of repair.
  2. Towing service: If the bike cannot be repaired on site, Turisbike will arrange transport to a specialised bike workshop.
  3. Bicycle exchange service: If the bicycle has any problem as a result of which it cannot be used. Turisbike in accordance with the request exchange for a bicycle in good condition.
  4. Message assistance service: Customers of Turisbike’s Bike Travel Assistance service can by right contact the team. Through the quick message service to get help and guidance in case of doubts or emergencies. Messages exchanged in any language.
  5. Coverage in continental Portugal: Turisbike’s Travel Assistance for Bicycles only covers a part of continental Portugal. This means that you only have support within a maximum radius of 50 km of the bike workshops and partners connected to this service.

In summary, Turisbike’s Bike Travel Assistance service is an important option for cyclists.

Those who wish to feel safer and better prepared during their cycling trips. On the other hand, with this service, you have access to professional support in case of emergencies or unforeseen events, ensuring that your trip is safe and peaceful.

See here how to request Travel Assistance

In case of accident with serious injuries always contact the emergency number 112

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