Vouga’s Ecopista on bicycle

Pedaling the Vouga Ecopista by bicycle in Portugal

Vouga’s Ecopista on bicycle considered by many one of the most beautiful ecopistas in Portugal, the Ecopista Vale do Vouga corresponds to the old railroad section that connected the Linha do Norte, in Espinho, to the Linha do Dão, in Viseu, over an extension of 140 kilometers.

So much so that the Sever do Vouga route crosses five tunnels and a centennial bridge, the Ponte do Poço de Santiago.

But also, the Vouga River Valley, with its spectacular landscapes.

Location: Sever do Vouga to Oliveira de Frades

Length: 11 Km

Difficulty: Medium

Scope: Sportive, Cultural and Environmental

Advised Season: All year round

The ecopista of Sever do Vouga results from the partnership between the Municipality of Sever do Vouga and Refer for the rehabilitation of the old Vouga Railway Line (Sernada do Vouga – Viseu).

Starting at Lugar da Foz, next to the mouth of the Mau River, the ecotrack runs north, always parallel to the Vouga River and the EN16.

Besides, it passes the building of the old Paradela Station and continues until the limits of the municipality with Oliveira de Frades, Fontelas.

It also has a support infrastructure for its users, the Paradela Eco Café, in the old station building in Paradela, recovered under the Polis, Ria de Aveiro program.

Besides other services, it has a café/bar and an exhibition room.

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In summary, one of the most valuable assets of the Vouga ecopista is upstream the Vouga River, it highlights the Poço de Santiago Bridge, an architectural ex-libris of the municipality.

But also, the railway tunnels, which give the landscape a unique charm and the bucolic environment preserved by the image of the “Vouguinha”. The emblematic steam train that crossed the exuberant landscapes of this valley.

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