Portuguese Way of St. James Inland

Portuguese Way of St. James in the interior how to do it autonomously and with a rented bike

The places where the Portuguese Way of Saint James passes through from the interior

Farminhão – Viseu – Calde – Ribolhos – Bigorne – Penude – Cumieira – Vila Real – Parada de Aguiar – Vidago – Chaves – Vilarelho da Raia – Verin – Laza – Vilar do Bairro – Xunqueira de Ambia – Ourense – Cea – Dozon – A Laxe – Santiago de Compostela

Map of the Portuguese Way of Saint James from the interior with the distances by stages

Choose here the Hostels or in Booking the places where you can stay sleeping.

Similarly, you can choose the luggage transport service from stage to stage on the Portuguese Way of St James.

0217 ViseuFontelo Hostel
0334 CaldeAlmargem Hostel
0456 RibolhosRibolhos Hostel
0577 BigorneThe Bigornes Hostel
0689 PenudePenude Hostel
07124 CumieiraBertelo Hostel
08132 Vila RealDiocesan House
09158 Parada de AguiarSantiago Hostel
10185 VidagoVidago Voluntary Fire Brigade
11198 ChavesFlaviens Voluntary Fire Brigade
12212 Vilarelho da RaiaSocial and Cultural Centre of Vilarelho da Raia
13227 VerinHostel Casa do Escudo
14248 LazaLaza Hostel
15267 Vilar do BairroVilar de Barrio Pilgrims’ Hostel
16299 Xunqueira de AmbíaXunqueira Pilgrims’ Hostel
17321 OurenseSan Francisco Convent Hostel
18343 CEASan Cristovo de Cea Hostel
19363 DozónCastro de Dozón Hostel
20381 A LaxeA Laxe Hostel
23[x] TrasmirasViladerei Hostel
24[x] SandiásSandiás Hostel

Choose the location of the next stage where you will stay overnight and make your reservations directly


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The inland Portuguese Way of St James offers a unique experience for pilgrims seeking a spiritual and cultural journey. In this article, we’ll explore how it’s possible to make this journey independently, highlighting the option of using a hired bike to make the adventure even richer.

Firstly, before setting off on your journey, it’s crucial to plan your trip carefully. By opting for autonomy, pilgrims have the freedom to follow their own pace and explore the charms of the route in a more personalised way. What’s more, choosing a hire bike provides additional mobility, making the journey more accessible and allowing you to cover longer distances in less time.

The first step in preparing is to select the starting point of the Portuguese Way of St James in the Interior

The first step in preparing is to select the starting point of the Portuguese Way of St James in the Interior. Popular options include cities such as Viseu or Chaves, each offering a unique experience and interesting sights. With a hire bike, the flexibility of choosing your starting point becomes even more advantageous.

During the journey, it is essential to consider accommodation along the way. There are several options, from simple hostels to more comfortable hotels. With autonomy, pilgrims can choose where they want to stay overnight, adapting their itinerary according to their preferences and needs. Cycling also allows you to explore areas further away from the main route, discovering authentic villages and breathtaking landscapes.

Along the Way of St James, local culture and gastronomy play a significant role in the pilgrim’s experience. Stopping at small cafés and restaurants along the route provides a unique opportunity to savour traditional dishes and interact with the local community. The bicycle, again, offers the freedom to explore these places more conveniently.

It is important to emphasise the need for good physical fitness when choosing to cycle the Camino de Santiago

It is important to emphasise the need for good physical fitness when choosing to cycle the Camino de Santiago. Although it’s an exciting and efficient option, it requires stamina and preparation to tackle different types of terrain. It is advisable to train beforehand and be aware of the physical challenges that may arise along the route.

In short, the Portuguese Way of St James in the Interior is an enriching journey that can be explored independently, offering pilgrims freedom and flexibility. Renting a bike adds an extra dimension to the adventure, allowing travellers to explore the region in a unique way. When planning this experience, remember to carefully consider the itinerary, the accommodation, the local culture and, above all, be prepared for the challenges and rewards that the Camino de Santiago has to offer.

How to walk the Portuguese Way of St James inland

At Turisbike, among the various forms and services, you can find mobility with normal bikes and electric bikes, to make the most of the Way. You can choose to cycle some stages and walk others.Caminho de Santiago português Interior

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