Way of St. James from Braga via Geira Romana and Arrieiros

The Way of St. James from Braga by bicycle along the Roman road

The Way of St. James from Braga by bicycle, crossing the Roman Geira, (Via XVIII or Via Nova), in other words the road that connected Braga to Astorga.

Departing from the Cathedral, the Way of St. James from Braga to the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela by bicycle

Primordially a new challenge, an altimetry that requires in that sense a good preparation. To travel the paths still little recalcitrant in the same way still flawed of some direction marks. In any case, the use of a GPS is advisable, i.e. avoid stopping to look for the markings and not to get lost at doubtful crossroads.

A slightly rougher route than the other routes, in that sense it requires better physical preparation.

Turisbike supports the Bicigrinos and also prepares the displacement from any point of the country. For the starting point in Braga’s Cathedral as well as the collection in Santiago de Compostela.

First of all, you have to plan the Camino by marking the stages where you will sleep. It also schedules the start and pick-up transport.

The Way of St. James from Braga

Way of St. James in Braga

Where to sleep in Braga

If you don’t have Albergue Casa da Roda Braga as an option or according to availability you can always find local accommodation


The path from Braga to Lobios has an altimetry that also advises to have a medium preparation. Don’t be afraid, take your time.

When you arrive in Lóbios, here are some options for sleeping


On the way from Lóbios to Ribadavia as much as the adventure will continue. In hot weather, hydrate your body well and don’t drink only when you are thirsty.

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Places to sleep in Ribadavia


Just when you think you are going to relax from Ribadavia to Codeseda eventually you will cross some long mountains. To rise and climb is the verb of this path.

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Where to sleep in Codeseda

An excellent overnight accommodation Casa Avelina Garrido Codeseda provided you book in advance


Finally from Codeseda to Santiago de Compostela you might think you are going to relax. And it turns out you will, enjoying the lighter road and the wind in your face.

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Where to sleep in Santiago de Compostela


On the map below you can see other places where you can find accommodation to stay for the night. Write the name of the town.


Before any cycling adventure, you should prepare yourself well physically according to the type of trails. Good preparation is the way to enjoy the beauty of the route as well as fraternising with the whole group. Having the bike well prepared equally visioned. Breakdowns happen at any time in other words always carry a repair kit. Don’t make the journey a race against time anyway go with your time. For example, a stop at the water hydrants to refuel and take a rest. Also, during the hottest hours, take advantage of the shade.

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