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Where to rent a bike

local de dormida para bicicletas e ciclistas

See the places on the map to know where to rent a bike and where you can RESERVE a bike for the next day

See on the map the places where to rent a bike, especially the ones closest to you. There are Turisbike partners who have some equipment on site in order to make the immediate rental.

If you’re far away, first call before you go. You should first confirm if your Partner has the equipment available or if it is in use.

At the same time, if you want to have the equipment guaranteed, make the advance reservation you want to rent.

Book here

Look for the rental with our partners and see what the special offer for you.

Look on the map, first of all the place where you can book or rent a bike. The reservation is always, at least for the following day or days. Unless you have enough equipment available at the moment.

The reservation is always made for the following day. Also if you want to deliver to the place where you make your reservation, to your hotel or accommodation. Depending on the amount of the reservation, the delivery costs can be Free.

Reservations and deliveries only for full day rental or more days

Check our rental conditions and if you have any questions contact us, please. Or through our available channels of communication.