Where to sleep on the St James’ Way

See through the map your location and where you can sleep.

Where to sleep on the St James’ Way. Are you looking where to sleep in your current location on the Camino de Santiago? Look for the type of accommodation closest to you.

In the meantime make your reservation in advance to be with your night in this way assured.

      If you have any questions unexpectedly or need any help you can make a visit through our contacts

      If you’re going on the Way to Santiago or another bike tour in Portugal, we can help.

      You can rent the bicycles and according to the transport to the place where you will be staying.

      If you book through Booking, using our links, you can certainly get a discount on service rental.

      What are the options where to sleep on the Pilgrim Way to Santiago?

      For the Camino de Santiago you can see the maps with the distances so you can mark your stages where to sleep. Consequently make your reservations on Booking.com.

      Here you can see the maps of the Way

      For the rest you can count on our services:

      • Bicycle and equipment rental
      • Transfer from the airport or station to the location
      • At the end of your stay we will pick you up and take you back.

      In the same way you can program your mini vacations to the north of Portugal. We transport you with the luggage and if you want you can also rent bicycles for your stay to have mobility.

      Similarly a weekend in Gerês with the bicycles.

      Choose the place you would like to visit in Portugal in Porto and North. Make your reservations directly on Booking.com.

      Take an economic vacation like this.

      But you can also look for a place to sleep on the way through Booking, especially for the price that interests you the most, here’s how you can

      Then program your steps and make your reservations for the stays. On foot or by bicycle it is convenient to have the appointment with previous reservation.

      If you take the bike path when making your reservation, first tell them that you have a bike to store.

      Making your way as planned saves you money and ensures that nothing is forgotten. This way you can enjoy the road more easily.

      If you don’t find here the type of accommodation that pleases you will certainly find the price appreciated. Use booking.com to choose the available hotels or hostel in your area.

      Above all with bookings made in Booking you can also request a discount code. Turisbike also offers you a direct discount when you book your bike.

      After making your reservation send an email to our contacts to request the discount code.

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